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The Inside Shift Interview Rob van Overbruggen - Episode 19
Sep 13th, 2017 by theinsideshift at 9:05 pm
 In 1996 Rob started to study how the mind influences disease processes.

He noticed that emotions and beliefs directly influence symptoms and diseases. This is the topic he writes about in his first book “Healing Psyche“.

In it he explains the influence of the mind on the process of cancer from a scientific point of view.

Based on his knowledge and experience he devised several models to help people heal quickly and efficiently and later expanded his approach to help people to become happier and healthier.

In this week’s podcast, Rob talks about specific examples of conditions that arise from emotional responses and how we can manage those responses to as to heal the condition.

You can find The Inside Shift on all major podcast channels and listen to our interview starting 14 September.